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Ahtanum State Forest
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Ahtanum State Forest

The Ahtanum State Forest is a very large area west of Yakima, Washington. US12 is near the north boarder, Rimrock boarders the west and the Yakama Indian Reservation boarders the south. You can ride ATVs and dirt bikes on all the Green Dot trails and roads. In the winter some are close and groomed for snowmobiles.

There are some great views from on top of the ridges. Eagle Nest Vista is a great view overlooking the North Fork. On a clear day from Darland Mountain (6981') you can see Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. On the Divide Ridge trail 613 you can down on Rimrock Lake and get a great view on Mt. Rainier. Some of the hardest 4x4 trails are long Divide Ridge. Those trails are called Rimrock.

The Grey Rock Trail is a single track trail that begins at the Tree Phones Campground. It ties with a Forest Service trail 613. Some sections have been made for ATVs to use.

Jumpoff Tower (5670') is at the northwest point of the Ahtanum. It has a great view over looking Rimrock and US12.

Blue Lake (6202') is a great place to stop for lunch. It is on a 4x4 trail off the North Fork Ahtanum Creek Road on the way up to Blue Slide Lookout (6785').


Camp Grounds

All the Ahtanum State Forest camp grounds are free to use. These are the designated camp grounds:
- Ahtanum................Out houses, fire pits, picnic tables, trash cans
- Ahtanum Meadows...Walk in only. Pack it in, then pack it out.
- Sno-park................Out house
- Tree Phones...........Out houses, fire pits, picnic tables, trash cans, shelter
- Clover Flats............Out houses, fire pits, picnic tables, trash cans
- Snow Cabin............Walk in only. Pack it in, then pack it out.

You can ride ATVs from all the camp ground except for Ahtanum Meadows and Snow Cabin.
No riding around the camping areas or Sno-park. Enter and exit only with a 5 MPH speed limit!

Note: Clover Flats is a hard climb with a heavy load.

Ahtanum State Forest - Camp Sites Can not be Reserved!


Green Dot Trail System

The Green Dot system means only roads and trails with Green Dot road markers are open. You can ride on all the Green Dot roads and trails in the Ahtanum unless it is posted closed or is a trail being groomed for snowmobiles.

Green dot roads are a cooperative road management program between public land management agencies and private landowners. In the Green Dot Road Management System all roads in an area are closed unless posted open with a green dot. Roads identified as “green dot roads” on green dot maps and posted with a round green reflector on white markers are open to public motor vehicles. Green dot maps of most areas are free and available at WDFW and DNR offices. Some maps and agreements are being reformatted due to current land exchanges and are out of print right now.

Except for roads open by green dot designation, all roads and trails are closed to all wheeled motor vehicles including ATVs. Violators will be subject to prosecution pursuant to W.A.C. 232.12.187. Closing sensitive areas helps protect fish from sediment running off of roads, migratory routes of big game, wildlife habitat, and timber and road resources while allowing for safe and fun recreation opportunities. The green dot roads are meant to remain at a net amount of miles, so when one section is removed from the management agreement, another may be added of equal length. Roads designated as green dot can change as harvest or sites are identified which may need protection or rehabilitation. We appreciate help from users in maintaining and educating about our green dot system!


ORV Trails, Sites and other area info:
Trail 4W613 / Divide Ridge East
Darland Mountain
Sedge Ridge and Trails
Strobach Mountain
Whites Ridge and Trails


Pictures and run reports:



Map how to get to the Ahtanum State Forest

Map to Ahtanum State Forest

Map of the Ahtanum State Forest:

Map of the Ahtanum State Forest

The latest DRN map.

Maps of locations of the Ahtanum State Forest

Windy Point Entrance off Hwy12.

Cowiche Mill Rd Entrance

4W613 & 4W608 - Louie Way Gap

4W613 & Strobach Mt Trail

4W613 & Grey Rock Trail

Ahtanum Meadows

Ahtanum Camp Ground

Ahtanum Sno-park

Tree Phones

Darland Mountain


Volunteer Opportunities:

Every year there are clean-ups at the Ahtanum State Forest and work days.
Find Public Lands Volunteer Opportunities.

Past Ahtanum State Forest volunteer work parties:
Ahtanum ORV Trails Clean-up - July 28 2007
Ahtanum ORV Trail Repair Run - Nov 4 2007
4W613 work day - July 12 2008
GPS 4W613 Adjacent - July 13 2008
Ahtanum ORV Trails Clean-up - July 23 2008
4W613 Emergency work party - Sept 6 2008
Divide Ridge Trails Maintenance - Nov 02 2008
Ahtanum State Forest Work Party & Mother's Day Run - May 8-10, 2009
Ahtanum Green Dot Work Party 1 of 2 - May 30 2009
Ahtanum Green Dot Work Party 2 of 2 - May 31 2009
Tree Phones Work Party & Run - June 6-7 2009
Tree Phones Work Party - June 13 2009
4W613 Work Party - July 11 2009
Ahtanum ORV Trails Clean-up - July 25 2009
4W613 Sign Replacement Run - Oct 17 2009
4W613 Louie Way Gap to Upper Meadow Work Party - June 26 2010
4W613 Work Party - July 10 2010
Ahtanum Camp-out with Trail Work Runs - July 2010
2010 Ahtanum ORV Trails Clean-up - July 24 2010
Trail 4W613 Work Day - Aug 28 2010
National Public Lands Day YKFWA work party - Sept 25 2010
DNR Vehicle Counter Recovery Run at the Ahtanum State Forest - Dec 5 2010
Ahtanum Forest Watch booth and patrol - May 27 2011
Ahtanum Trails Log-out - June 25 2011
2011 Ahtanum Camp-out & ORV Trails Clean-up - July 2011
Wildfire Awareness Week: Ahtanum Campground Fire Pit Clean-out - April 29 2012
4W613 Season Opening Work Party - June 30 2012
2012 Ahtanum State Forest Camp-out & Clean-up - July 2012
4W613 Abandoned Truck Removal - Aug 26 2012

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