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12-05-2011, 11:33 PM
Bethel Ridge/ Little Rattlesnake Backroads Run

On Sunday, December 4th, 2011 some of us met up at Slims in Naches for a backroads run up to Bethel Ridge from Hwy 410. There were 5 rigs total (TJ40, Tealtard, Propane Addiction, Nobowl, and myself-Blindpilot). We pulled out around 9:30 and headed up Hwy410 to just behind the Woodshed restaraunt and turned left on Bethel Ridge Rd. We unloaded at the parking area and headed up towards the snow.

Heading up the icy road, and yes..pretty slick


Tealtard coming up. Finally getting into some snow. It was several miles and not until we reached around 4500ft that we finally made it into some snow. When we did, it got fairly deep and very soft, light snow.


I decided to drop some more air out here.

Kids getting to run around a bit

Yeah....I think that's about the right pressure..




We continued on up and took the turnoff towards Timberwolf Mtn. We stopped about a 1/3 of the way in for a bit. Some of the rigs were struggling a bit to get up in the soft snow. At this point, Tealtard was checking his belt, thinking it shredded.

I found a good spot to wait for a bit.

Nobowl parked the Hummer and hopped in with one of the jeeps (TJ40 or Tealtard..can't remember) and we pushed on a bit further. We got to within about 3/4 of a mile from Timberwolf Meadow and turned around. Snow got real deep and real soft. I couldn't make it any further breaking trail. Propane Addiction got up front and gave it a shot for a bit and didn't get much further either. Not a lot of traction in this snow. We turned around at this point and headed back down towards the main road.

Propane Addiction

TJ40 having a good time


Nobowl. This is just cool.
It is a rare treat to see one of these H1's at all, let alone see one in the hills.

We regrouped after picking up the Hummer


We headed back to the main road and continued up towards Cash Praire and the Microwave tower. It got very deep and very soft. Nobowl found a wide spot on the road and decided to park the Hummer for a bit and hopped in with Tealtard to continue in the soft stuff. It got slower going here. There were some super soft areas that took some work to get through and a long steady climb. Tealtard got stuck and TJ40, Propane Addiction, and myself got to a wider spot and turned around to head down to help out Tealtard.

TJ40 turning around.....Kevin, I don't think you can back up that :)

Turned around and heading down....

Time to go get Tealtard unstuck

Nobowl and I helping to get Tealtard out


We headed back down at this point, got Tealtard turned around, and picked up the Hummer. After getting it turned around, we back down to explore some lower roads a bit. We turned off on an logging road (I think it was 125 or 126) and followed it to the end to a little viewpoint.




Here we decided to head back down to the main parking area. I was a little unsure of which roads to get us to a differnent area to explore, especially with one of the main lower roads closed(I'm not sure why it was closed either) I knew we would at least have to travel this closed road some and I didn't want to take any chances. We decided to go back down at this point and decide about continuing on once we reached the bottom.

Heading down



Down at the bottom, Tealtard and Nobowl decided to air up and head for home.



It was about 3:45. TJ40, Propane Addiction, and my family pushed on for some more exlporing west of the Oak Creek area (I forget the road names at this point) I'm not sure who's bright idea this was(we don't need to talk about this) This started out very fun-at least for me :) . We checked out a couple of spur roads, hoping to catch the right one to head up to higher elevation. The plan was to find the road up towards Bethel Ridge. A couple of wrong spurs taken, couple of dead ends here and there, and we were finally on our way up. This was very icy and slick in spots, and I kept thinking we'd be getting into some more snow(and more traction). It was starting to get dark and Missy(my wife) and I were just discussing getting to a spot to turn around and head back down. We were on a road with a bit of an incline on it, mountain on the left and a drop off on the right(with some trees). I was about 2-3 feet from getting to level ground when I lost traction. We started sliding backwards quickly. I quickly hollered on the cb that "I'm sliding", grabbed reversed and was working the brakes. Nothing I did did any good. Fortunately the road was rutted a bit and we stayed in them, but we were picking up speed fast. TJ40 was behind me having similar issues but he ended up stopped where he had some traction. I was sliding backwards fast and kept watching him in my mirrors getting a lot closer, very fast. I was sure I was going to hit him HARD. I'm very fortunate that he did such an excellent job in acting so quickly in backing up and giving me room with out hitting him. I cannot thank you enough Kevin.

After myself and a few others lowered our heartbeats, we somehow managed to turn our 3 rigs around on the narrow, icy hill and headed down. We were not in a good spot to turn around, but NONE of us wanted to back up down the icy hill. We took it very slow heading down, with a few little slides here and there, but otherwise uneventful. Propane Addiction got his rig loaded on his trailer, and TJ40 and myelf aired up and we all headed home.

Overall, this was a great trip, great rigs, and nice people. It's always great to meet new people as well.

Thanks Propane Addiction and Nobowl for coming, hope to see you guys again!

12-06-2011, 01:26 PM
This is a great report. Thank you for sharing.

Wow, I am glad no one was hurt. Wheeling with ice is scary. Of course this would not be your first time ice skating a TJ. :)

Sorry I could not make the run. I hope to go on your next adventure.

12-08-2011, 11:54 PM
Great pics, Blind Pilot! Had a great time. I guess it's still true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Saw Blind Pilot loose traction on near flat road at the top of the ridge. So, I let off the gas to give you some space. Jeep stopped instantly with all four wheels spinning then took off backwards like a rocket! Though I was going to smack Propane Addiction, but he did a great job staying out of the way. Once I had traction under the tires, I hammered the brakes. Now stopped, I saw Blind Pilot coming down the hill fast backwards and he was saying he couldn't stop on the radio. With Quartz Mtn flashbacks running through my head, put the jeep in reverse and hoped Propane Addiction, still behind me, was on the same wavelength. Anyway, all turned out o.k. I'll post up some pics when I get my computer running again.

12-10-2011, 12:42 AM
I had a great time! I really appreciated how everyone was so helpful and patient with me. It was definitely a learning experience for me. I can't wait to go again, but I realize I should probably stick to the "beginner" runs until I get the basics down and more experience with my rig. Thanks BlindPilot for leading this run and thanks to everyone for their help/tips. Great group!

Here's some photos that I took:







12-10-2011, 10:02 AM
Nice pics Nobowl! Thanks for sharing.