View Full Version : Report w/photos: Took a cruise out to Juniper dunes today.

02-04-2012, 10:50 PM
Took a ride out on the dunes with my buddy Matt today. Didn't get a lot of photos( a lot of crappy video) but figured i'd share what I got. We were wheeling on the main big dune area where we saw a group with dirt bikes and quads standing around digging so we went and checked it out. Turns out they had unearthed a section of an old barbwire fence and just the top of a post was sticking up but had tangled wire in someones rig i dont know how else they'd found it. Anyways we thought we'd help out so we winched it out for them and offered to get rid of the bar and wire for them since they were all on quads or bikes. Probably saved someones life with this one eh.

After this we decided to head toward that section we were wheeling at the juniper run in the far back. Didn't make it more then 100 yards and a buddies yota died. I dont know if it was clutch or tranny or the transfer case but he doesnt want to mess with it and is now selling it so if anyones looking

Sas webber carb header fairly new 35's and lots of lift

When we got into the back corner we ran into a group of dirt bikers from the west side that were setting up cones and i guess organizing a jumping contest got a few shots.



This guy was the only one airing it out.

We had a good time went out there figuring we were going to kill the tranny on the xj ( its just about toast) ended up towing that yota up out of a valley onto the big ridge where the old parking lot is and Wheeled it hard the rest of the day climbing all kinds of crazy steep dunes made it back without killin it and cleaned the dunes of one potentially hazardous steel post and wire. Quite a productive day. Wish I had more photos to share and had known early enough to invite yah guys along.

i'll leave yah with an xj poser shot.


02-12-2012, 08:13 PM
Nice work on the post and great pics. hit me up next time you go out as I am only a couple miles from there. Would love to run with ya.