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12-29-2005, 10:09 AM
Here is some more info on Rimrock from a post SCREAMING TOYLET did on the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association Forum

Screaming Toylet Rimrock trails 640, 642, and 638
Surprisingly nobody has contributed to this post. I guess those who run these trails lately are too busy fixing their rigs or attending funerals…. For the record, it is my opinion that trails 642 and 640 should be run (winched) up hill – You are in for a wild time if you run them downwards. Some parts of these trails have become too degraded through use and erosion to safely run downhill with out a strap on your ass.

For what it is worth… 615 and 613 are very pleasant trails with just enough technical stuff to make it interesting. Not too tight….my bobbed Toyota (100” wheelbase) can make it through the areas with trees with no problems (if I pay attention). Hold on….I forgot to mention Narrow Neck Gap on the south end of Trail 615. Crossing that point of the trail either direction just plain sucks – It is a short but very off camber loose rock climb or decent (depending on your direction) with no winch points and no room for error. The bypass around this point is several miles long. It takes you south, down into a remote creek bottom then northward to just the other side of the “Gap”. I think there is an “easy out” by the creek that will take you to Klickitat Meadows. The loop itself has some really long and steep hill climbs through loose rock and soft dirt. It is a good trail on its own; however, I suspect it can be nearly impassable if too wet or too dry. We hit it last October when it was a bit wet. We found several areas of wet clay that plugged the tires and made even the little climbs a full throttle deal. We hit it again recently after a lite rain and it was a fairly sure footed route. We hit it a week later when dry an it was a one way deal westward. I bet if the bypass gets used too much, it will become too torn up in spots to be passable under most conditions – there are two very long hill climbs with very soft dirt and loose rock with no trees to winch from.

Running Trail 638 west and looping back to 615 via upper 640 is a tough and rough route with a couple of steep drops that could “endo” a short wheel base rig. On one of these drops, my brother stood his CJ5 on its nose. Luckily, the top of his cage it a tree and bounced him back down. Both of these trails had a few tight places that screwed with the 101” wheelbase guys. We wouldn’t run this section of trail in the opposite direction.

Just one last bit of info…We ran from 613 (Blue Lake) northeast to 637, then north on 637 to 636, then west on 636 to 621, then south on 621 back to 613. It was a decent rough and tough route with the typical side hills and tight trees that the Rimrock area is know for. There are no “easy outs” that we saw and long wheelbase We did notice that several “Gate Keeper” tree had been remove from these trails. However long wheelbase Toyotas will still suffer terribly.

For what it is worth, we ran these trails with combinations of a Jeepster, Cj5, bobbed Toyota, and a TJ. We all ran either 33” or 35” tires and were lock front and rear, and we all had winches. Expect for 613 and 615, I would not include my wife and child on these trails – wouldn’t want the distractions or responsibility. Taking a Bubba along works well if he drag a cable and provide moral support.

By the way… In four trips, we have not seen another rig of the trail. We did meet a group of West Siders in CJs and a LC at Blue Lake. They had come up Trail 621 (Blue Slide) from Grey Creek. The ORV map notes that this trail is a downhill only trail… go figure.

Please fill free to contribute your experiences running these trails.

03-08-2006, 08:28 PM
Ceg, late summer 05' we decided to run these trails from blue lake to rimrock, we had never done this before and had no idea what we were about to go through, I have to say it was the worst trip i have ever been on!!!! ( 14 1/2 hours later we got home) Now that i have done it i would definitly do it again but would make it a two day trip.

Tools needed:
lots of budweiser
and maybe a extra gas can???

03-08-2006, 08:39 PM
I have heard these trails are not to be taken lightly. That is why I haven't done them yet. I want to build my rig up more first. I hope you will be there to show us the way when we are ready to go.

03-09-2006, 06:13 PM
Just let me know when your ready, I cant wait to make the run again!!!!