About the Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association
The Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association is a group of citizens that care about keeping public lands open for generations. The group uses Off Road Vehicles to watch over the trails, roads and campgrounds on public lands as they are out recreating or doing volunteer work. The group educates users and reports rule violators a long with damage they see to the proper authorities. The group watches over many areas in Yakima and Kittitas Counties.

Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association co-host public land work parties and helps with getting the supplies or materials needed.

We do not report vehicles on roads behind close signs unless we know for a fact that they do not belong there. We do not report 3rd party pictures on the internet. We do not report vehicle or traffic violations unless there is a danger or damage being caused. That is not what this association does. We are here to educate people on public land rules and to stop any damage we can to public lands.


The Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association members donate their time and fuel but count on donations to get public land project supplies and educational materials.


Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association Mission Statement
The Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association's mission is mainly for Yakima and Kittitas Counties but not limited to.
Our mission is:
1. To educate the public on the rules and laws of public lands.
2. To assist public land agencies and law enforcement by reporting violators.
3. To help maintain and improve public lands.

Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association History

In September 2008 the All Wheelers Off Road Club started a group called ORV Trail Watch where we offered free camera decals to people that wanted others to follow rules as they were. The idea with the decal is to get the word out someone could be watching so do not do anything that could get the areas closed. This is the same idea with our new improved Forest Watch Volunteer Program.
Forest-Watch-VP Muddy-Forest-Watch-Bear
In April 2010 the members of the All Wheelers Off Road Club that have been volunteering on Public Lands since 2005 got together to form a local Non-Profit group to watch public lands in the counties they live in. This group was named, "Yakima/Kittitas ORV Trail Watch Association" later to be called "Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association". By focusing on just these two counties members believe they can get a better working relationship with public land users, the local agencies that run the public lands and with local law enforcement. The Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association has added a few more things to this Watch group. The biggest one is what we call "Project Funds". "Project Funds" are separate accounts to collect funds for repairs and upgrades on different public land projects within the counties we serve. We keep local donations for local public land projects of their choice. Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association has another Project Fund to spread Public Land Education nationwide. That Project Fund is called the Forest Watch Volunteer Program.
In October 2010 the Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association's Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association member application was approved and we became a PNW4WDA club.

Here are ways you can get involved helping keep the trails open -

Become a:
Member - For people living with in Yakima or Kittitas Counties.
Forest Watch Volunteer Program - A FREE program for everyone no matter where you live.
Donate - Donate to the Public Land Eduction fund or a project fund.

Volunteers helping to keep public lands open and promoting our cause -

Many Yakima/Kittitas Forest Watch Association members have been working as volunteers on public lands for years with the local clubs and agencies. Here are some reports of our past work:

2007-Beverly-Dunes-Clean-up 2007-Ahtanum-clean-up 2007-11-4w613 2008-Beverly 2008-07-08-GPS-Sedge 2008-07-12-4W613 2008-07-13-gps-Divide 2008-07-13-GPS-Sylvester 2008-Ahtanum-ORV-Clean-up 2008-08-Rimrock-608 2008-PUAM 2008-10-Ahtanum 2008-11-Divide-Ridge 2009-04-Slab-clean-up 2009-05-Beverly 2009-05-09-Ahtanum-md 2009-05-30-Ahtanum 2009-06-06-Tree-Phones 2009-06-13-Tree-Phones-AWORC-Work-Crew 07-2009-Sign-placement-4w613 Ahtanum-clean-up Pick-Up-A-MT Sign-placement-4w613 10-2009-Slab-Sign-Placement 2010-Slab-Clean-up 2010-Beverly-Clean-up 2010-6-4W613-Log-out 2010-7-painting 2010-7-50K-Aid-Station 2010-7-4W613 2010-7-campout 2010-7-Ahtanum-trails-clean-up 2010-8-EWOR-MG 2010-8-4W613Jeeping_Nomads_swapmeet Pick_Up_A_Mountain National_Public_Lands_Day.jpg





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